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These Twin Sisters Were Ashamed Of Their Incredible Hair, But Now They Became Famous For It

Mom thought it was nice that I kept an eye on my sis and our friends just figured that we had no interest in romantic stuff because we or the other person would be gone in a couple of months anyway.

  • I thought that he hated me, but boy was I so wrong! You need to be very careful or move away from your hometown at least a couple of states.

  • The relationship and sex is unequaled, and our spouses like the essence we come home afterward with as it lasts for months.

  • Her and Ashley started endorsing a skincare line soon after.

20 Sibling Pics That Are So Inappropriate

She claims it's because no one was planning on asking her in the first place.

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  • She got a kick out of it but we never crossed the line.

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