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NYC paramedic Lauren Kwei outed for being on OnlyFans: felt almost like a wanted

I think that says more about our country than any health care worker individually.

  • I made a promise to them that I would serve them.

  • I mean, I struggled with suicidal ideations a lot of this year because of the loneliness, because of the helplessness.

  • A Times Square billboard featuring her own face, of course.

Sugar daddy buys OnlyFans star NYC billboard for birthday

The platform has grown exponentially over the past nine months, at one point seeing and many users have turned to the platform as a way to make ends meet.

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  • And it was really, really difficult for me to see people dying, maybe not in my ambulance, but there were numbers just shooting up and people dying when nobody could save them.

  • Often it helped me when I really needed it.