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They sow their wheat in spring, never manure the ground, and plough it in the slightest manner; can it then be wondered at that it is inferior to ours? The chaise is at the door.

  • The couple — who married in 2015 — have a daughter named Ava James.

  • Our voyage was thus far happy; I landed on the opposite shore, to seek refreshments for my Louisa; I was returning, pleased with the thought of obliging the object of all my tenderness, when a beginning storm drove me to seek shelter in this bay.

  • I have only time to say, that Miss Fermor thanks you for your obliging invitation, and promises she will accompany me to Montreal as soon as the river St.

The History of Emily Montague.

I shall never cease to regret you, nor will you find it easy to replace the friend of your youth.

  • We have amused ourselves within doors, for there is no stirring abroad, with playing at cards, playing at shuttlecock, playing the fool, making love, and making moral reflexions: upon the whole, the week has not been very disagreable.

  • The fellow is well born, and has ideas of things: I think I shall admit him of my train.

  • However, Emily Montague's mission in life is to develop the tools necessary to be truly helpful to others, rather than to simply be a sympathetic ear.

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