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Suicide vk asami David Hamilton

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I just wish the young man in the title story didn't look so much like a young woman.

  • So-so The premise sounded interesting, and it was for the first volume.

  • The mangaka admits that this was her first published series and the art was pretty rough in the first volume, but improved greatly by the end of the series.

  • At various times Mari seemed to cycle between different sexualities when with or thinking about different characters in her life.

A Real Young Girl

This area is ripe for further investigation.

  • Of course whether anyone else would have done it without the same backlash and weak execution, and in a way that provided catharsis for the people who liked it, and didn't amount to telling audiences that the thing they liked was a mistake and unimportant, is a separate question altogether.

  • The art, while not bad, didn't blow me away either.

  • He's really intense about it almost like a stalker, yet he's so earnest that I can't help but root for him at the same time.